Sunday, May 9, 2010

EC: Malmström plans to carpet bomb the Net

The details about EU commissioners Cecilia Malmströms Internet censorship begins to leak.

In the fight against child porn and all other illegal material on the Net the EC is now planning to shut down IP-addresses on RIPE level.

For those who have not yet started to feeling chocked, please read the following:

RIPE NCC regional Internet registry allocates the IP-addresses in Europe, Middle East and part of Asia. A shutdown on RIPE level where one blocked RIPE packet mean that up to 50.000 websites can be shutdown without a trial in these continents and they can not be unblocked so the chance of innocent people and companies being affected with long term concequences even outside EU jurisdiction is totally unacceptable.

It's like bombing a whole city because there may be a suspected criminal hiding there and that is a unreasonable response!

Read more at EDRI and Intesifier.

Summary translation of "EU: Malmström lägger bombmattor över internet":

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