Friday, April 9, 2010

Internet - a source of knowledge for all

It has been said that the library of Alexandria contained the world's collected knowledge. It was burned by the Christians, whose power was threatened by the knowledge it contained against their teachings.

Today the Internet is the closest we have to the world's collected knowledge and yet again we see that the ones with power in society, such as politicians and major corporations, feel threatened. There is a large scale attack against Internet in the form of a heavy stream of laws, agreements and directives.

People's activities on the Internet are to be monitored, inappropriate content filtered and people arbitrarily to be disconnected from the grand source of knowledge and communication that the Internet represents without a court order, i.e. on suspicion!

I refuse to quietly witness this second burning of the library in Alexandria!

I want to build and not tear down, therefore my vote goes to the Pirate Party!

I found this letter to the editor of a Swedish newspaper about why to vote Pirate by Nixon on Anna Troberg's blog and agreed 110% why I decided to do a translation where the essence of the message was kept:


  1. sometimes I tend to believe that the power of Internet is so great that even laws and black hats can not hurt it... but freedom is never safe, freedom is process of understanding the wast field of reality and any of dark inhibiting tendencies are, well something we have to put a side.

  2. Nicely written Nicco, but I want to make a correction to your part about the library in Alexandria :)

    Why it was destroyed was necessarily not because the people with power were threatened by the knowledge stored. On the contrary it was destroyed because the knowledge did NOT threaten those with power. What I mean is that the knowledge collected and discoveries made by the ancient learned people NEVER benefited the public, normal common persons of those ancient civilisations.

    Why the library was destroyed was more because that no common person knew of the importance and value of the contents of it. Which is also probably an important reason as to why those civilisations fell at all.

    Ofcourse knowledge has been destroyed by rulers in the history of mankind because it threatens their rule. But this view of the library makes the internet even more important. Not only is it a modern library of Alexandria, but it's also a PUBLIC library of Alexandria. The rulers of today want to destroy the public access to it and remake the old mistakes of the old ancient civilisations which we thought we had learned from. Thus starting a huge decline in the modern global civilisation based on science we have enjoyed for some time now.